Possible Side Effects of a Dose of Melatonin

Possible Side Effects of a Dose of Melatonin

Melatonin, used to treat sleep disorders, is actually associated with a number of side effects. Some of these side effects are serious, while others are less serious, but all need immediate medical attention. At times, a dose of melatonin is indeed beneficial, and this is evidenced by the numerous evidence left on the Internet regarding its effectiveness in treating sleep disorders. Along with this utility, melatonin is associated with several side effects, although they are treatable. Immediate treatment of the side effects of melatonin is indeed better than waiting and taking action when the situation worsens. Those who delay the side effects that occur continue to receive melatonin lucid dreaming dosage without further complications. There are many side effects of melatonin that require immediate medical attention if they occur. It is true that these side effects can be reduced, for example, by adjusting the dose; If someone takes a dose during the night, you can change it and start taking it at night, which can reduce some side effects.

anxiety and low blood pressure


There are those side effects of melatonin that require immediate medical attention, such as anxiety and low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure in the body of a melatonin consumer is in fact one of the serious side effects of melatonin. Normal blood transfer in the body changes, and this can lead to many other complications. It should be borne in mind that nothing can work well in the body, if blood pressure does not normalize. Not enough blood will be pumped into the necessary parts of the body, for example, in the eye. This is the reason why eye problems are one of the side effects of melatonin. This is simply because if the blood pressure is low, inadequate blood will pass through the optic nerves to the eyes, and this can cause instant loss of vision. It is true that some of these side effects of melatonin are unpleasant and can lead to many complications. Drowsiness during the day is really dangerous simply because during the day you can not perform normal tasks. You are lazy all the time and you feel that you are not taking any responsibility.

Many are asking how much melatonin is too much and which can cause severe headache?. This is really serious, simply because the headache is such that it cannot be cured with ordinary painkillers. Special medical care is required, and many other complications may occur. Other side effects include stomach cramps and irritability. The last is behavior to hate everyone for no apparent reason. Hating others is automatically caused if you continue to use melatonin for a long time. 


Many people adhere to the fact that melatonin should be taken during the night, especially before bedtime. Although this is true, common side effects of melatonin still occur, for example; nausea and vomiting. There are also other serious side effects of melatonin, for example; Depression, anxiety, confusion and seizures all require immediate and special medical care.